Christa Pagliei, Age 7

Christa Pagliei is a writer and media producer in New York City. Her fiction and poetry has been published in places like Ekphrasic ReviewFictionvale, Frostwriting, Strangelet, Instagatorzine, and Pseudopod.  Drawing in readers with a knack for conjuring full worlds and deftly created characters, her passion for poetry pushes her to always find the right word or phrase. Her experience with screen and playwriting helps her weave tight, uncanny narratives. 

In addition to her literary work, Christa is also the co-creator (with Michael Augustine Dondero) of the audio drama Lost Signal Society. The show is a whimsical, sometimes comedic series of anthology and stand-alone horror/fantasy/sci-fi plays.  Each tale takes place in an alternate universe New York City. It debuted in October 2018 to above-average download numbers and strong early reviews. She also directs, produces and sometimes acts in the show. 


Her journalistic and non-fiction credits are focused on professional wrestlingtech, food. Well crafted storytelling, deep research, and organized thinking enable her to break down concepts in a clear yet engaging way.


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Currently, the second season of Lost Signal Society is being written for a fall 2019 release. A book of magical realist short stories about traveling carnivals and professional wrestling is also in the works.


Christa enjoys NJ Devils hockey, hiking, botany, 35mm photography, collecting rotational media, and cooking. 


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