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Media Producer & IATSE Production Coordinator

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Tech Scouting for HBO's Succession, photo by G.Marvin (2018)

I've been enamored with film and television as a storytelling medium for as long as I've been in front of a screen. Watching classic films with my grandfather as a small child led to me directing the neighborhood kids in movies. (When they'd let me.) This deep draw to the medium led me to a professional career,


Learning the ropes from some of the best producers in the business as an assistant, I rose through the ranks to become a department head on major productions. Production Coordinating as a member of IATSE Local 161 on shows like Dickinson, Sneaky Pete, and Succession, I was the point person for every department and hundreds of crew members. Additionally, during this time, I founded a media collective with like-minded artists called Lost Signal Society.


Most recently I’ve been producing podcasts, livestreaming variety shows, independent features, and new media comedy content. I've included a couple of recent sketch comedy pieces and Livestream interviews/games from our show "Flower Hour" below.

Scroll down to see some selected credits from my resume, or check out my IMBD.