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Hello #MutantFam

Thanks for letting me take your photo! 

This was a super fun project and I enjoyed meeting you all at Joe Bob's Drive-In Jamboree.

Most of these images were shot on 35mm Cinestill film, with one roll of 35mm Lomography Color 800 as an exception since I took way more photos than anticipated.


Cinestill Film creates film for still cameras from modified Kodak motion picture cinema film stock. It seemed appropriate for the last Drive-In that screens 35mm


I develop these in my kitchen in Brooklyn & I'm new to the process which sometimes means flawed, slightly unusual, but interesting results.


Unless I hear otherwise from you in 30 days, I may tweet/post some of these images under the #MutantFam, and make this gallery public.


None of your names will be publicized, and I will not try to sell or make money off these images. This was just something fun for us at the festival.


If you want a high res download of your photo let me know!



Twitter: @ChrisCreature

Instagram: @Chris_Creature_

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